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VIDEO: Marijuana Legalization and Reparations (1.30.2018)

For decades, state and local governments chose to turn marijuana prohibition into an excuse of massive over-policing of black and brown neighborhoods. Now, while there is a growing movement toward marijuana legalization, states and rich entrepreneurs see a potential for massive tax revenues and profits (a so called “Green Rush”) while communities most impacted by the so-called “War on Weed” continue to suffer.

Maryland will soon be in a position to build on the successes of California and Massachusetts and pass the most progressive marijuana legalization in America, on which targets tax revenue toward rebuilding communities impacted by the War on Drugs. This, however, can only with intense pressure from community in Annapolis and disrupting the special intersts which believe they have a monopoly on marijuana tax revenues.

We will discuss the current environment and future environment around cannabis entrepreneurship in Maryland and our advocacy to use tax revenue generated by marijuana legalization to fund reparations for the War on Drugs.

Speaker: Lawrence Grandpre – Director of Research, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

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