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image with gold, white, and red text that reads "african centered research: violence prevention and the non-profit industrial complex. featuring lawrence grandpre director of research"

VIDEO – African Centered Research: Violence Prevention and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (6.10.2021)

For over 10 years, the academic and public health sectors have promoted “violence prevention” non-profits as the “evidence based” alternative to mass incarceration and a solution to the shootings plauging American cities.

With the Biden administration set to invest 4 billion dollars in “violence prevention”, some fear these services represent a co-option of grassroots anti violence work and an attempt to cash in the public’s anxieties around street crime, using the #DefundThePolice movement to strengthen the nonprofit industrial complex.

In this talk, LBS Director of Research Lawrence Grandpre will violence prevention as an example of the need for emancipatory, African Centered research. He’ll be diving into the literature to display the limitations in Eurocentric public health methodologies of violence prevention and the need for African centered alternatives.

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