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Support ‘Good Cause’ Expungement in Maryland: Pass HB 523 / SB 1030

The issue

Maryland has adopted a piecemeal strategy regarding the expungement of criminal records. This bill (HB 523 / SB 1030) proposes allowing individuals to petition a court for a judge to ascertain their eligibility for expungement. Such a measure broadens the scope of individuals who may qualify for expungement of their criminal records.

Take Action Now

Let state legislators hear your voice!

YOU make the difference between this legislation passing or not. We need you to email contact legislators so that they will support the community’s demands.

In other words - contacting your elected officials make a HUGE difference.

Fill out the forms below and hit "Send" to demand that legislators PASS this bill our of their committees.

Email the
Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

Email the
House Judiciary

Contact members of the Committees

You can also call, email and tag committee members on social media to tell them to PASS these bills out of their committees.

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