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SB 285: The Urgent Need for Police Accountability Boards with Independent Investigatory Powers

The Issue

The Police Accountability Act of 2021 required each jurisdiction to establish Police Accountability Boards. These boards, ideally, would be comprised of community members that represent the community. While the new accountability framework invites more external involvement in the discipline and oversight of police officers, they are still largely reliant on an investigation conducted by the department.

This bill would allow for Police Accountability Board’s (PAB’s) to have an independent, external investigations to ensure transparency.

Take Action Now

Let state legislators hear your voice!

YOU make the difference between this legislation passing or not. We need you to email contact legislators so that they will support the community’s demands..

In other words - contacting your elected officials make a HUGE difference.

Fill out the form and hit "Send" to demand that Senator Will Smith put SB 285 on the voting list.

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Senator Will Smith

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