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baltimore skyline

Maryland General Assembly 2020

Sean Yoes

Afro American Newspaper

The 2020 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly officially began on Jan. 8, amidst what many would characterize as catastrophic changes. Last year, the longtime Speaker of the House, Michael Bush died and Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones was elected the first woman and first Black Speaker of the House in the state’s history. Also in 2019, Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr., perhaps the most powerful political figure in the state announced he was stepping down, after serving as Senate President since 1987. Baltimore State Sen. Bill Ferguson, 36, was elected Senate President, perhaps shifting the state’s fulcrum of political power back to Baltimore.

Against this dynamic backdrop, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Baltimore’s Black grassroots think tank is celebrating 10 years of advancing the public policy interests of Baltimore’s Black community. The organization recently published their 2020 legislative agenda.

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