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Partners in change: How African-American publications aid in the push for equality

Picture of Dayvon Love

Dayvon Love

Director of Public Policy
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

As an advocacy organization, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) relies heavily on the ability to inform the community on happenings in the political arena. Our goal is to inform and put pressure on elected officials and major institutions to advance our agenda.

This makes the continued presence of the Black Press more important than ever.

A causality of integration in America was the decimation of Black civic institutions that served as a home base for Black political and social life. As successful Black people began to benefit from integration and move away from the masses of our people geographically, socially and culturally, our institutions were weakened. As a result, White institutions were able to step in and more directly position themselves as curators of cultural, civic and political discourses that emerged from the Black community. This is a major contributor to the stagnation experienced when it comes to advancing the societal position of the masses of Black people. In other words, we can’t effectively pursue freedom if we don’t support the development of our own institutions.

LBS is unapologetic about our commitment to Black Liberation. Our effectiveness comes from our methodology of advocacy that focuses on Black people being the source of our power. LBS has a message and approach to advocacy that is not palatable to mainstream audiences. That said, we don’t spend any time thinking about how to get a White media organizations to legitimize our perspective. This limits the number of publications willing to publish our commentary pieces–and makes partnerships with Black publications invaluable.

We are grateful for the continued partnership with the Black Press and will continue the tradition of working with Black media outlets to advance the struggle for Black Liberation.

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