Apr 08

Open Letter to the MD General Assembly

To the members of the MD General Assembly:

First, we want to offer our condolences to Michael Busch’s family and friends. It is unfortunate that the important conversation about the leadership of the Maryland General Assembly has to come at a time where many people are mourning his passing.

It will be important that the decisions about who becomes the next Speaker and Senate President are not made hastily and that it is not relegated to the realm of backroom dealing that has become commonplace in politics.

In the midst of the major transition that will soon take place regarding the leadership of the Maryland General Assembly, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle is urging the members of that body to do the following:

  • Do not make any decisions about the next Speaker or Senate President any time soon. The process for determining the next presiding officers of the General Assembly should be process that is thoughtful and thorough. Rushing the process will undermine the ability for the public to have a role in this process.
  • The process for selecting the next Speaker and Senate President should be a public process. Those who are interested in holding those positions should be compelled to make their case to the general public, so that the constituents of the members of the General Assembly can let their representatives know who they want them to vote for.

We believe that it is important that there is more transparency in the process for selecting the leadership of the Maryland General Assembly. We would like to see candidates for this position commit to things like terms limits for presiding officers, geographic diversity of committee chairs, an explicit commitment to racial and social justice, and procedures that don’t allow the leadership to arbitrarily suppress or promote legislation to their liking. These are the kinds of commitments that can come when the general public is involved in the conversation.

We are calling on other advocacy organizations and anyone in the general public to stand in solidarity with us regarding our demands on the Maryland General Assembly.

The Undersigned:
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

PS. This letter will be updated with organizations and community leaders who support our demands.

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About the Author

Adam J. Jackson is the CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS). Adam is a West Baltimore native, and Towson University graduate.