Jun 03

OP-ED – Smile for the Camera: The Representational Limits of ‘The Wire’

By Lawrence Grandpre | Op-Ed

Namond Brice, son of the infamous Barksdale hitter Wee-Bey Brice, is competing in a debate. The former corner boy now wears formal attire on stage hovering above three judges, all listening attentively to his impassioned pleas. His adopted father, former BPD major and certified member of the show’s exclusive clubs of “good Po-lease,” Howard “Bunny” […]

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May 19

OP-ED – Debunking the Illusions of #OneBaltimore

By Dayvon Love | Op-Ed

The #OneBaltimore initiative that was announced by the Mayor draws on a historical narrative that has been effective at producing an illusion of racial progress while maintaining racial inequality. This historical narrative is rooted in the idea of racial integration as an effective response to the system of white supremacy.  Harold Cruse in Crisis of […]

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