Oct 14

OP-ED – 15 Years a Failure: Why Baltimore Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano Must Go

By Dayvon Love | Op-Ed

Paul Graziano has been housing commissioner of Baltimore City for 3 administrations, and after nearly 15 years of service, many in Baltimore are now wondering what they have to show for his tenure besides broken promises and dereliction of duty. Communities throughout Baltimore have presented two distinct reasons why Mr. Graziano should be fired. First, it […]

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Jun 22

VIDEO: “Black on Black Crime” Decoded

By Lawrence Grandpre | Op-Ed

Many people are having conversations about so called “Black on Black crime”, but the people most impacted by and involved with the problem are rarely at the center of the conversation, with elite academic and political “experts” marginalizing indigenous violence. Also, rarely is the context which produces these conditions analysed. LBS Baltimore thus presents an […]

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