Feb 05

PRESS: Does Baltimore Need DeRay Mckesson?

By Adam Jackson | Press

Source: Slate Magazine | Author: Lawrence Lanahan | Original publication date: February 5, 2016 Last week, I co-moderated a forum of Democrats running for mayor of Baltimore. We had 11 candidates, a feisty standing-room-only audience, more than two feet of snow on the ground—and a potential circus on our hands. At the front of the room were some […]

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Jan 08

CALL TO ACTION: Don’t Let Cops Write Your Reforms – Demand REAL Change in 2016

By Lawrence Grandpre | Uncategorized

Maryland’s Lawmakers Are About To Ask You to Help Them Co-Opt The Police Reform Movement.  Tell Them No Thanks!  The 2016 Maryland General Assembly is fast approaching.  We want to begin to give legislators the message that we want substantive police reform to pass during this year’s session. Very soon the “work group” consisting of member of […]

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Jan 07

OP-ED: Responding to Dan Rodricks on “Army of Social Workers” in Baltimore

By Dayvon Love | Op-Ed

After reading Dan Rodricks’ piece in the Baltimore Sun, “Could Baltimore become ‘best place in the world to change the world?”,  about changing Baltimore, I have two core issues that I want to challenge him on which are worthy of public dialogue and conversation. Rodricks’ discussion of the existence of poverty is lacking important context.  Often times […]

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