Jul 09

PRESS: When Rioting Is the Answer

Time Magazine | Jul 9, 2015 America was founded on riots. From as far back as the days of tar-and-feathering British tax collectors, citizens have resisted power by fighting back, using fists when their voices weren’t heard. This violent tradition lives on in the country, boiling up at times in our cities. In places like […]

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Jun 22

VIDEO: “Black on Black Crime” Decoded

Many people are having conversations about so called “Black on Black crime”, but the people most impacted by and involved with the problem are rarely at the center of the conversation, with elite academic and political “experts” marginalizing indigenous violence. Also, rarely is the context which produces these conditions analysed. LBS Baltimore thus presents an […]

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Jun 09

AUDIO: Wrestling with The Wire

Marc Steiner Show | June 9, 2015 Last week Baltimore’s City Paper featured stories on The Wire, David Simon’s acclaimed TV series about Baltimore. Join our panel of guests as we use those features as a jumping off point to talk about the series and its representation of our city. With: Lawrence Grandpre, Assistant Director of […]

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Jun 03

Smile for the Camera: The Representational Limits of ‘The Wire’

Namond Brice, son of the infamous Barksdale hitter Wee-Bey Brice, is competing in a debate. The former corner boy now wears formal attire on stage hovering above three judges, all listening attentively to his impassioned pleas. His adopted father, former BPD major and certified member of the show’s exclusive clubs of “good Po-lease,” Howard “Bunny” […]

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May 27

PRESS: What Incarceration Costs Cities

Brentin Mock | May 27, 2015 When demonstrators took over some of the streets of Baltimore Tuesday morning, blocking traffic on roads leading into downtown, they were protesting a proposal to build a new jail for teenagers in the city. On May 13, Maryland’s Board of Public Works approved plans to build a pre-trial detention […]

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