Oct 23

Maryland’s Plantation Politics & the MidTerm General Election

“In 2014, Maryland elected a Republican Governor for the second time in 50 years. In Baltimore, it has been Democrats that pushed forward for Zero-tolerance Policing, who have given tax breaks to wealthy corporations, who have rejected progressive Criminal Justice Reform, and have had to be pushed in order to provide major investments and public […]

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Oct 19

AUDIO: Arch Social Club Hopes to Light the Way in Penn-North

October 19, 2018 Community members are working to revive the neighborhoods around Pennsylvania and North Avenues in West Baltimore. Now, there’s even more momentum behind it … with the aim to secure funds to restore the facade of the historic Arch Social Club. We hear from Marion Blackwell, manager of the non-profit Historic Pennsylvania Avenue […]

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Jul 06

Black Arts & Black Power: Creating Baltimore’s Black Arts District

Historically, Pennsylvania Avenue was the highlight of Black Baltimore. The great Royal Theatre, now commemorated by a marquee in the place the building once stood, was formerly a stop on what was known as the “chitlin circuit,” a ring of premiere theatres amenable to Black performers that included — the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, […]

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Jun 04

2018 Legislative Report Card

Since becoming active in public policy advocacy in Maryland, LBS has realized that one of the biggest obstacles to improved conditions of Black people is public awareness about what goes on in the legislature. Navigating the Annapolis legislative terrain requires two things: attention to detail and time. The complicated mechanics of the state’s 90- day […]

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