Mar 23

2017 Bail Reform Fight in Maryland

The fight for Bail Reform in Maryland is coming down to the wire towards the end of the 2017 General Assembly. With new things happening everyday, its important that we give you accurate/updated information. Check back to this post daily to get updates on bail reform.   Countdown Until the end of the 2017 MD […]

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Mar 13

4 Things You Can Do to Support Bail Reform in Maryland

Over the past couple of weeks, our bail reform effort has become tremendously controversial. Our bill, HB 1390 / SB 880 has been heard both in the Maryland House and the Senate. There is a rival bill that has emerged – HB 1215 / SB 983 – which is a bill essentially written by the bail bonds […]

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Mar 12

COLUMN: End political influence of bail bonds industry

Dayvon Love | March 12, 2017 Too much of today’s criminal justice system is set up to make money, often at the expense of the poorest among us. The bail bonds industry — which rakes in about $2 billion in revenue each year according to a 2012 Justice Policy Institute report — is no different. And its connection to campaign finance […]

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Feb 24

CALL TO ACTION: Support Bail Reform in Maryland!

We have been working diligently on bail reform in MD. Before we launch into the general update about where we are in Annapolis we want to remind you of what is at stake and why bail reform is necessary for Maryland. There is a fundamental contradiction in the criminal justice system: The accused are innocent […]

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Feb 23

PRESS: Council President Kicks Off $12 Million Youth Fund

City of Baltimore | February 23, 2017 Baltimore took a major step toward strengthening investments in young people Tuesday evening when more than a hundred citizens gathered for the first meeting of a task force charged with recommending guidelines for City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young’s Children and Youth Fund. The 39-member task force […]

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Feb 04

Why White-Led Advocacy Groups Shouldn’t Negotiate on Black Freedom

Members of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle have often stressed the importance of having those most directly impacted lead legislative efforts on the issues which impact their lives. This is especially important in the context of bail reform. Black communities are disproportionately represented in the ranks of people detained not for being found guilty of […]

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