Sep 27

VIDEO – Malcolm X Talk: Building a Black Agenda for Education in Baltimore (9.27.2017)

In the past 5 years, there have been renewed conversations around Maryland about increasing funding for public education, particularly in Baltimore City. This iteration of education reform has been spearheaded by traditonal, mainstream, white-led institutions. Moving forward, LBS is concerned about who actually benefits from these efforts. Will education reform in Baltimore continue to be […]

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Sep 22

NEWS: Reeling from a Murder Spike, Baltimore Grasps at a Gun Bill

Rachel Cohen | September, 22, 2017 Across the country—from Louisiana to Iowa to Massachusetts—so-called “mandatory minimum” sentencing is increasingly out of favor. These are laws that require certain penalties for people convicted of specific drug or firearm offenses. A powerful bipartisan consensus has emerged around the idea that mandatory minimums are ineffective (and expensive) deterrents, […]

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Jul 27

NEWS: After Council Clashes, Gun Bill Gutted

Sean Yoes | July 27, 2017 A controversial proposed Baltimore gun law, which would enforce a mandatory one-year sentence on anyone illegally carrying a gun in many sections of the city, was watered down significantly in a Baltimore City Council committee July 25. After a contentious hearing in the council chamber, where protesters opposed to […]

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