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Can Cannabis legalization save the reparations movement?

Reparations for slavery have gone from a third rail issue to a mainstream Democratic Party talking point. While much of the conversation has focused on HR 40 and local/statewide task forces – has the reparations movement left a critical tool in the reparations battle of off the battlefield?

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AUDIO: 2022 Maryland Legislature ends, political experts weigh in

(WEAA)—Maryland lawmakers have concluded their 90-day legislative session. Dayvon Love, a Baltimore-based political organizer and co-founder Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and Maryland State Senator Cory McCray, 45th District, join Two Way Talk to discuss the 2022 Legislative Session and what residents can expect to see in the near future.

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From the Streets to the Statehouse – Ep 11 (3.28.2022) – Maryland’s Cowardly Democratic Party

In this episode, we’ll be giving updates on our current legislative priorities including – cannabis legalization, Baltimore’s Civilian Review Board, public safety, crime and policing. Also – we’ll be discussing the Maryland Democratic Party leadership’s lack of regard for working class Black people. Dayvon Love will be leading the conversation and be joined by Lawrence Grandpre – Director of Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle.

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Letter of Accountability

In this letter, we will be discussing allegations regarding sexual assault made by unidentified person(s) that have been posting on social media under the auspices of “MeToo Baltimore”.

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How do we move from protest to policy in #DefundingThePolice?

Any funding that is taken from the police department should be reinvested in an alternative community safety infrastructure. While this is happening, we need to be able to demonstrate to our community that this alternative infrastructure will meet the needs of the elements of our community that struggle most with being safe in their neighborhoods.

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