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Maryland Legalization Begins Today

Policy Director of the Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle Dayvon Love talks with Jayne about the war on drugs in America, what reparations for the black community should look like and the future of convicted drug offenders.

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Young People For Progress Share Their View On “Police Free Schools” At The TP/SS Campus

Maryland, the first state to enact the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights (LEBOR), has now become the first state to repeal it. The decision was motivated by the need to increase community accountability for police misconduct, as discussed by organizations like Young People for Progress and Leaders of Beautiful Struggle. Advocates emphasize the importance of mental health support and transformative justice in schools to prevent the criminalization of students.

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AUDIO: Blacktivist: Activism in the Black Community and How it Affects Our Mental Health

Episode TWO of The Black Mental Health Alliance’s Real Talk: Black Minds Matter podcast is now available. In this episode, titled “Blacktivist: Activism in the Black Community and Its Impact on Mental Health,” Mr. Dayvon Love joins hosts Andrea Brown and Nia Jones for a mind-blowing discussion. They delve into topics such as Black Liberation, politics, Black leadership, and more, uncovering what may be hindering progress and offering insights on moving forward. Don’t miss this enlightening episode – be prepared with pen and paper!

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Indigenous Rights, Colonialism, and Psychedelic Exploitation

This week on Century of Lies: Indigenous Rights, Colonialism, and Exploitation. We hear audio from an indigenous rights/anti-colonialism protest that interrupted the closing ceremony of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies’ fourth Psychedelic Science conference last month. Plus, we hear from Lawrence Grandpre, Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and Meagan Sway, Policy Director at the ACLU of Maine, on “Drug Decriminalization: From Punitive Policies to Effective Solutions.

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Mass Shooting in Baltimore: Why the Cops Can’t Solve Community Violence

A tragic mass shooting at a Baltimore block party killed two and injured 28 people last weekend. The incident is being used by some to demand increased policing. Lawrence Grandpre, the Director of Research at the Baltimore think tank, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, discusses the underlying causes of community violence in Baltimore and whether “Law and Order” politics are a solution.

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Letter of Accountability

In this letter, we will be discussing allegations regarding sexual assault made by unidentified person(s) that have been posting on social media under the auspices of “MeToo Baltimore”.

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How do we move from protest to policy in #DefundingThePolice?

Any funding that is taken from the police department should be reinvested in an alternative community safety infrastructure. While this is happening, we need to be able to demonstrate to our community that this alternative infrastructure will meet the needs of the elements of our community that struggle most with being safe in their neighborhoods.

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