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a woman speaks into the microphone during Malcolm X Talk: Confessions of a City

VIDEO – Malcolm X Talk: Confessions of a City – Hosted by Olu Butterfly (11.1.2017)

This month’s talk will be hosted by critically acclaimed Baltimore spoken word artist Olu Butterfly. She’ll be facilitating a dynamic presentation on Baltimore’s sorrid history with the enslavement of African people through “Confessions of a City”.

“Confessions of a City” is a unsanitized interpretive multimedia exhibit and discussion series promoting a dialogue on race.
Long-time residents and transplants alike will be exposed to illuminated triumphs, uncomfortable truths, contemporary complex challenges, alternative perspectives on common topics and surprising facts about Baltimore City. The event will include:

Impactful historic image projections and well-researched information
Relatable rich and succinct, interactive story-style and poetic curating by resident creatives
Musical accompaniment by a DJ
Prompted discussions on race
Potential coordination with pre or
post-discussion workshops or commissions

Confessions of a City is a funded project of The Maryland Humanities Council

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