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Fear of a Black Planet – Liberating Our Community from Gun Violence (6.15.2023)

Join us for an important conversation on liberating Baltimore from gun violence and centering the history and culture of African people in our responses to violence. As summer approaches, concerns over violence and its impact on our community continue to be a pressing issue. 

Our Director of Research, Lawrence Grandpre, and Director of Public Policy, Dayvon Love, will analyze how anti-Blackness hinders our efforts to address gun violence in Baltimore. We will explore the limitations of academic orthodoxy and the non-profit industrial complex in community-based anti-violence programs, drawing inspiration from Black radical traditions and African-centered thought. During this event, we will also share best practices from other cities like Newark, New Jersey, which successfully reduced their murder rate by half. 

Additionally, we will challenge calls for the criminalization of the black community and advocate for reframing public policy responses to prioritize community investment and community control of public safety.

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