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Politics of Gun Violence & Community Violence Prevention in 2024 Election

October 16 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Explore how community violence intervention (CVI) shapes the 2024 election and its ties to policing, public health, and community resources

Concerns about crime and violence, specifically urban gun violence, are central to the 2024 election. While it’s not new for presidential candidates to debate who can best address violent crime, the rise of the community violence intervention (CVI) industry is shifting traditional dynamics. CVI involves community-based solutions to mediate conflict and support those affected by violence.

President Biden presents CVI as a progressive and effective alternative to traditional policing. In this webinar, LBS Director of Public Policy Lawrence Grandpre will examine the political concerns surrounding violence in American cities and how CVI is being used in the 2024 elections. The webinar will discuss how investments in CVI, framed by public health and academic channels, reflect anxieties about resources flowing into Black communities. Despite Biden’s portrayal of CVI as distinct from police investments, it is often used to justify and accompany policing investments, contrary to many CVI advocates’ goals.

The presentation will highlight CVI’s ties to policing and gentrification agendas, revealing how CVI may be used as a political tool. Communities might be pressured to forgo gains in police reform to access essential resources for violence prevention.

The webinar will conclude by projecting the implications of a Trump or Biden victory for CVI. It will provide advocates with strategies to promote community-controlled CVI while challenging the structural violence of policing and gentrification, regardless of the election outcome.