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Grassroots Approaches to Messaging Progressive Criminal Justice Policy

September 18 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A discussion on how leftist messaging on crime often overlooks the immediate needs and concerns of working-class Black communities

As the political left and the Movement for Black Lives highlight economic redistribution and policing, there’s concern these discussions are being overshadowed by claims that rising crime should take priority. The left often dismisses these claims as media-fueled propaganda tied to racial dog whistles, arguing that a leftist agenda would address crime’s root causes and should be viewed as public health issues, not criminal justice issues. However, these points risk alienating working-class Black and Brown people who demand immediate solutions to the violence in their communities.

In this webinar, LBS Director of Public Policy Lawrence Grandpre will discuss leftist messaging on crime. He will highlight how long-term “root causes” arguments overlook the need for short- and medium-term solutions and address concerns about Black community control and the white savior/non-profit industrial complex.

The webinar will conclude with effective leftist language addressing working-class Black people’s crime concerns without resorting to more policing. It will include support for grassroots community control of resources and community-run violence prevention programs, presenting tangible solutions that empower the community and resist conservative and liberal co-option.