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Ending Discriminatory Policing: Help Pass HB 1071 / SB 51

The issue

HB 1071 / SB 51 removes the sole use of the odor of cannabis as the basis for stops and searches by law enforcement. We are supporting this bill for two reasons. 

First, the use of cannabis odor as the sole basis for stops and searches has been shown to lead to significant racial disparities in policing – particularly in Black communities. This results in a system that perpetuates discriminatory practices and contributes to the unjust over-policing of communities of color.

Second, relying solely on the odor of cannabis as a basis for searches can lead to false positives and undermine the Fourth Amendment rights of individuals. This means that law enforcement can use this odor as a pretext to stop and search individuals who may not have done anything wrong, leading to unnecessary and intrusive police interactions.

Take Action Now

Let state legislators hear your voice!

YOU make the difference between this legislation passing or not. We need you to email contact legislators so that they will support the community’s demands..

In other words - contacting your elected officials make a HUGE difference.

Fill out the form and hit 'Send" to email the members of both committees

Your support can make the difference!

Email the Committees

Contact the Committee Members

You can also call, email and tag committee members on social media to tell them to support HB 1071 / SB 51.

Want to stay informed on our upcoming legislation?

Use the LBS Bill Tracker! The page will be updated daily with information on how YOU can take action and support legislation that benefits OUR community!

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