ACTION ALERT: Tell Baltimore City Senators to VOTE YES to SB 441

On Friday, March 11th, the Baltimore City Senate Delegation will vote on SB 441, which would strengthen the Civilian Review Board in its ability to carry out independent investigations of allegations of police misconduct.  The Scott Administration opposes the bill.

Currently there are 3 members of the Baltimore City Senate Delegation that have not taken a position on the bill:

 Antonio Hayes, Bill Ferguson, & Cory McCray

Email/Call them and tell them to vote YES to SB 441

We want to to KEEP the Baltimore Civilian Review Board and empower it with more resources to hold law enforcement accountable.

Example Email/Phone Script

Greetings Senator,

My name is John Doe and I am a registered voter and resident of your district. 

I am urging you to vote YES to SB 441 because it is essential that we empower Baltimore’s Civilian Review Board with the resources to be more effective. We do not need need to create a new entity.

Baltimore already has a civilian review board to hold law enforcement accountable.

Thank you for your consideration. – John

Contact these Baltimore City Senators:

Senator Antonio Hayes

(410) 841 3656

Email Now

Senator Bill Ferguson

(410) 841-3600

Email Now

Senator Cory McCray

(410) 841-3165

Email Now

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