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AUDIO: The Lines Between Us – “Black Children, White Adults”

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Lawrence Lanahan


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The Lines Between Us: "Black Children, White Adults"

Previously on our program, we’ve examined the lack of diversity at nonprofits in the region, particularly in executive leadership roles.

Many of these nonprofits are working to address social problems concentrated in poor neighborhoods—neighborhoods that are often populated overwhelmingly by people of color.

Today, we’ll explore the racial dynamics that come into play when white-led organizations work with these communities.

First, an essay from Dayvon Love of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, a for-profit youth-led think tank and political action committee in Baltimore. When a coalition of youth advocates rallied last year tostop the construction of a jail in Baltimore for juvenile offenders charged as adults, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle criticized the coalition for ignoring longstanding black-led grassroots activism against the jail.

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