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Mar 11

COMMENTARY: Support Our Brothers Behind the Walls

Dayvon Love | March 11, 2020 The Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation over the past several years that signal an acknowledgment of mass incarceration. By offering individuals convicted of felonies the right to vote upon release, the Maryland Second Chance Act, and The Justice Reinvestment Act are examples of pieces of legislation that only […]

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Jan 08

The Disposability of “Violent Criminals”

The Disposability of “Violent Criminals” Crime is an issue that gets a lot of attention on local corporate news media, and from politicians, particularly on election years. The declaration of the War on Drugs in the early 1970’s ushered in the use of rhetoric that deployed seemingly race neutral policy discourse to advance racist policy […]

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Oct 31

Navigating Bipartisan Anti-Blackness: A Case Study from Maryland

In 2014, I voted Republican for the first time in my life to disrupt Maryland’s racist Democratic political machine. For the same reason, four years later, I am supporting an upstart Democratic candidate for governor.   The lessons which brought me to these decisions are illustrative of how grassroots political power can build leverage through […]

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Oct 23

Maryland’s Plantation Politics & the MidTerm General Election

“In 2014, Maryland elected a Republican Governor for the second time in 50 years. In Baltimore, it has been Democrats that pushed forward for Zero-tolerance Policing, who have given tax breaks to wealthy corporations, who have rejected progressive Criminal Justice Reform, and have had to be pushed in order to provide major investments and public […]

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Jul 06

Black Arts & Black Power: Creating Baltimore’s Black Arts District

Historically, Pennsylvania Avenue was the highlight of Black Baltimore. The great Royal Theatre, now commemorated by a marquee in the place the building once stood, was formerly a stop on what was known as the “chitlin circuit,” a ring of premiere theatres amenable to Black performers that included — the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, […]

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