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Apr 08

The Politics of Emotionalizing Racism

One of the most frustrating things to endure as a person who has committed himself to the liberation of people of African Descent from the global system of white supremacy is the way that emotion and sentiment are deployed to muddy the waters and frustrate rigorous conversations that are necessary to build institutions and to […]

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Mar 12

The Limitations of White Liberalism

In contemporary politics, it has become more en-vogue for the left, particularly white democrats, to talk about challenging racism. People have become far more willing to refer to mass incarceration or the war on drugs as explicitly racist in attempt to highlight historical inequality. While this rhetoric has certainly made for interesting conversations, this has […]

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Mar 07

Tracey Halvorsen’s Baltimore: Part 1 – “Smalltimore”

Getting Started Tracey Halvorsen’s recent article  “Baltimore City You’re Breaking My Heart” has caused quite a bit of controversy. I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about her article and the reaction it has generated. It has helped me to focus intensely on some of the questions I have had since I came back […]

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