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Apr 27

Why do we look? On Gazing at dead Black bodies

Written by: Dr. Tara Bynum Here we are again, another black man murdered by another white police officer. There’s (graphic) video at the very top of the New York Times digital front page. Amidst anger and heartbreak over Walter Scott’s death, an urgent question emerges: How and why do we look at its visual representation? […]

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Apr 12

What Good are Democrats?

Source: Afro American Newspaper | Author: Dayvon Love | Original publication date: April 12, 2015 It would be disingenuous to proclaim Maryland to be such a progressive state if it did not have the will to pass something substantive on the issue of police brutality. It is time that we dispel the mythology around Maryland […]

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Apr 01

An Open Letter to the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police

  My father said he survived two wars; one in Vietnam, the other on the streets of Baltimore. My father, Larry Grandpre, was a narcotics officer for over 20 years in the Baltimore Police Department while my mother, Nadine Stokes-Bailey, is a former State Trooper. My parents raised me to understand the context of discipline […]

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Feb 20

The Pitfalls of The Wire’s Depictions of police Violence

Note: This piece is designed for people who at least have a functional understanding of The Wire (i.e. have watched all 5 season). Also, the piece contains (mild) spoilers. The goal is to question the representations of The Wire from the perspective of someone who was actually raised in Black Baltimore. The Wire very intentionally […]

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Dec 01

What Happens After the Protests? #Hashtag Politics vs. Material Struggle

While Blacks have always dealt with inequality in America, two major events changed the context through which Blacks narrated their experiences of this systemic oppression. 1st The Election of the first Black President 2nd The Rise of Social Media Obama’s elections was a media spectacle, a moment of manufactured racial catharsis for a nation trained […]

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