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Mar 29

The ‘Baltimore Brew’ is a tool of white supremacy

White folks are use to having power over Black elected officials. Black people who aspire for public office are often straddling the worlds of garnering white social and political capital, while trying to maintain credibility amongst Black people. These worlds are sometimes at odds with each other and in some ways overlap. There are occasions […]

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Feb 19

Community oversight of policing is not a “kangaroo court”

One of the most contentious aspects of SB 627, in the 2021 Maryland General Assembly (sponsored by Sen. Jill P. Carter) is that it authorizes counties to establish a community oversight body that can impose discipline and oversight of Baltimore City police officers. The is one of the most important aspects of the bill. Baltimore […]

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Feb 01

Cracker Democracy: The Emergence of the Progressive Mainstream

By: Dayvon Love This essay is born out of a deep agony regarding the lack of respect for the Pan-African/Revolutionary Black Nationalists strands of political advocacy in the current social movement mainstream. Black people’s freedom must be won on our own terms. This is not to dismiss the complex and difficult environment that we find […]

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