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White Lies & Statistics: How Bad Stats are a tool of White Power

Lawrence and Rasheem discuss Howard University professor Ivory Toldson’s book No B.S. (Bad Stats), with a focus on debunking popular yet false “statistics” around Black education, explaining the role of data in furthering the oppression of Afrikan people, and presenting tips for how to avoid falling into B.S. (Bad Stats) trap.

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Can Cannabis legalization save the reparations movement?

Reparations for slavery have gone from a third rail issue to a mainstream Democratic Party talking point. While much of the conversation has focused on HR 40 and local/statewide task forces – has the reparations movement left a critical tool in the reparations battle of off the battlefield?

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From the Streets to the Statehouse – Ep 11 (3.28.2022) – Maryland’s Cowardly Democratic Party

In this episode, we’ll be giving updates on our current legislative priorities including – cannabis legalization, Baltimore’s Civilian Review Board, public safety, crime and policing. Also – we’ll be discussing the Maryland Democratic Party leadership’s lack of regard for working class Black people. Dayvon Love will be leading the conversation and be joined by Lawrence Grandpre – Director of Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle.

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