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AUDIO: “The Black Book: Reflections From The Baltimore Grassroots”

Dayvon Love and Lawrence Grandpre are African-American grassroots community activists who, along with Adam Jackson, lead an organization called Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. They are fixtures in Annapolis, advocating to the General Assembly on issues like police accountability and drug policy. They have written a provocative book, a collection of essays that call out the liberal white academic community and what they refer to as the “Nonprofit Industrial Complex” for advancing institutional racism. It’s called “The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore Grassroots”. Dayvon Love and Lawrence Grandpre join Tom Hall in the studio.

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Baltimore’s Future: Adam Jackson

LBS CEO, Adam Jackson, sits down with David Warnock of the Warnock Foundation to discuss debate in Baltimore City. They discuss the Eddie Conway Liberation Institute and the progress of the debate team at Morgan State University.

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