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Jul 08

AUDIO: Down the Rabbit Hole with Adam Jackson, hosted by @RobDaMc

In this episode we have in-depth conversation with Adam Jackson CEO of leaders of a beautiful struggle. Founded in 2010, LBS is Baltimore’s premier grassroots think-tank. They are a group of Baltimore residents dedicated to creating transformative public policy. There vision is to drastically improve the conditions of Black people in the Baltimore-Metropolitian Region. Is […]

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Jun 25

VIDEO: Building Black Power: Creating sustainable change in the Black community (6.25.2020)

In light of the recent global protests against racism, calls to #DefundThePolice and the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question has been repeatedly asked: “How can the Black community create sustainable change for ourselves?” This discussion will focus on attempting to answer that question by focusing on one word: infrastructure. Structural racism/white supremacy have […]

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