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an image that says #defundthepolice

How do we move from protest to policy in #DefundingThePolice?

Any funding that is taken from the police department should be reinvested in an alternative community safety infrastructure. While this is happening, we need to be able to demonstrate to our community that this alternative infrastructure will meet the needs of the elements of our community that struggle most with being safe in their neighborhoods.

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governor hogan stands at a podium and speaks

Maryland Democrats: You did this.

On May 7th, 2020 Governor Hogan announced that he was going to veto numerous criminal justice reform and progressive public safety legislation. This includes legislation to expunge criminal records from a unit of charges, removing possession of marijuana from case search, and funding for community based anti-violence programs.

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a young boy holds a sign that reads "#ILoveBaltimore" during a community gathering

COMMENTARY: Still Building – 5 Years after the Baltimore Uprising

Five years after the Baltimore Uprising there will be a lot of reflections on the progress that has been made in Baltimore is since the events of 2015. A recent article written by Jean Marbella in the Baltimore Sun is an example of the way that insidious notions of Black inferiority and white supremacy are reproduced in the way Baltimore is represented in mainstream media.

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