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Lawrence Grandpre is the Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. His focuses include criminal justice, police accountability, and community-based economic/educational development. He is the co-author of "The Black Book" and his work has been featured in The Guardian and The Baltimore Sun.

Feb 20

The Pitfalls of The Wire’s Depictions of police Violence

Note: This piece is designed for people who at least have a functional understanding of The Wire (i.e. have watched all 5 season). Also, the piece contains (mild) spoilers. The goal is to question the representations of The Wire from the perspective of someone who was actually raised in Black Baltimore. The Wire very intentionally […]

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Dec 01

What Happens After the Protests? #Hashtag Politics vs. Material Struggle

While Blacks have always dealt with inequality in America, two major events changed the context through which Blacks narrated their experiences of this systemic oppression. 1st The Election of the first Black President 2nd The Rise of Social Media Obama’s elections was a media spectacle, a moment of manufactured racial catharsis for a nation trained […]

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