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Lawrence Grandpre is the Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. His focuses include criminal justice, police accountability, and community-based economic/educational development. He is the co-author of "The Black Book" and his work has been featured in The Guardian and The Baltimore Sun.

Jun 03

Smile for the Camera: The Representational Limits of ‘The Wire’

Namond Brice, son of the infamous Barksdale hitter Wee-Bey Brice, is competing in a debate. The former corner boy now wears formal attire on stage hovering above three judges, all listening attentively to his impassioned pleas. His adopted father, former BPD major and certified member of the show’s exclusive clubs of “good Po-lease,” Howard “Bunny” […]

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May 23

Affirmative Action for Slave Masters

The reality of racism/white supremacy in Maryland does not easily fall into established narratives on American race relations. After all, how can a state seen throughout the nation as a bastion of liberalism allow conditions in Baltimore to become as so dire that 15 neighborhoods in the city have a lower life expectancy than North […]

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May 15

New Jail, Same Old Story: Selling Out Baltimore’s Grassroots

On October 31st 2010, a group of Black-led grassroots organizations got together for Youth Justice Sunday to launch our opposition to the construction of a 104 million dollar Youth Detention Center in East Baltimore.  This marked the beginning of a struggle to stop the construction of what we called the “Youth Jail.” Other established non-profit […]

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Apr 30

Media follows people, just not THE people, in Baltimore

On Tuesday, a beautiful thing happened in Baltimore. One media outlet covered it, while dozens covered the violence. It is impossible to truly know what’s going on in Baltimore if you’re not here.  The complexity of the dynamics and the history means even the best media coverage can provide only a snap shot. The question is what […]

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Apr 01

An Open Letter to the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police

  My father said he survived two wars; one in Vietnam, the other on the streets of Baltimore. My father, Larry Grandpre, was a narcotics officer for over 20 years in the Baltimore Police Department while my mother, Nadine Stokes-Bailey, is a former State Trooper. My parents raised me to understand the context of discipline […]

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