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Lawrence Grandpre is the Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. His focuses include criminal justice, police accountability, and community-based economic/educational development. He is the co-author of "The Black Book" and his work has been featured in The Guardian and The Baltimore Sun.

Oct 31

Navigating Bipartisan Anti-Blackness: A Case Study from Maryland

In 2014, I voted Republican for the first time in my life to disrupt Maryland’s racist Democratic political machine. For the same reason, four years later, I am supporting an upstart Democratic candidate for governor.   The lessons which brought me to these decisions are illustrative of how grassroots political power can build leverage through […]

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Apr 05

Will Liberal Hypocrisy in Maryland make another Kalief Browder Inevitable?

Will Liberal Hypocrisy Make a Maryland Kalief Browder Inevitable? By Lawrence Grandpre Alternative fact & Democratic Party intrigue threaten bail reform in the so-called “Free State” 04/04/17 When a train crashes, investigators often study the path which led to the catastrophe. Carnage abound, we’re left only to look further up the track to find where […]

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Jun 22

VIDEO: “Black on Black Crime” Decoded

Many people are having conversations about so called “Black on Black crime”, but the people most impacted by and involved with the problem are rarely at the center of the conversation, with elite academic and political “experts” marginalizing indigenous violence. Also, rarely is the context which produces these conditions analysed. LBS Baltimore thus presents an […]

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