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Dayvon Love is Director of Research and Public Policy for LBS. Dayvon is a resident of Northwest Baltimore City and graduate of Towson University majoring in African and African American Studies. In 2008, Dayvon became a collegiate debate champion at the CEDA National Tournament. This was the first time in history that an all black team won the tournament. Dayvon has a lot of experience with grassroots activism in the Baltimore community. He has given numerous speeches and led workshops around Baltimore to give insight into the plight of the masses of Baltimore citizens.

Jan 08

The Disposability of “Violent Criminals”

The Disposability of “Violent Criminals” Crime is an issue that gets a lot of attention on local corporate news media, and from politicians, particularly on election years. The declaration of the War on Drugs in the early 1970’s ushered in the use of rhetoric that deployed seemingly race neutral policy discourse to advance racist policy […]

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Oct 23

Maryland’s Plantation Politics & the MidTerm General Election

“In 2014, Maryland elected a Republican Governor for the second time in 50 years. In Baltimore, it has been Democrats that pushed forward for Zero-tolerance Policing, who have given tax breaks to wealthy corporations, who have rejected progressive Criminal Justice Reform, and have had to be pushed in order to provide major investments and public […]

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Jan 07

Responding to Dan Rodricks on “Army of Social Workers” in Baltimore

After reading Dan Rodricks’ piece in the Baltimore Sun, “Could Baltimore become ‘best place in the world to change the world?”,  about changing Baltimore, I have two core issues that I want to challenge him on which are worthy of public dialogue and conversation. Rodricks’ discussion of the existence of poverty is lacking important context.  Often times […]

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Oct 20

Setting the Record Straight on #CityHallShutDown Protests

I am extremely troubled with the nature of the media coverage of the demonstrations at Baltimore City Hall over the past week.  The representational troupe of angry Black kids just making noise is a cheap and easy mechanism used to dismiss the legitimate demands that were made.  It is the media’s responsibility to further investigate […]

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