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Adam J. Jackson is the CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS). Adam is a West Baltimore native, and Towson University graduate.

Jun 28

PRESS: The Lines Between Us – “Black Children, White Adults”

By Adam Jackson | Press

Source: WYPR | Author: Lawrence Lanahan | Date of original publication: June 28, 2013 Previously on our program, we’ve examined the lack of diversity at nonprofits in the region, particularly in executive leadership roles. Many of these nonprofits are working to address social problems concentrated in poor neighborhoods—neighborhoods that are often populated overwhelmingly by people of color. Today, we’ll explore […]

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Jan 24

OP-ED: Young, black and radical

By Adam Jackson | Press

Source: Baltimore Sun,  January 24, 2013, Lionel Foster At first glance, Dayvon Love is easy to overlook. At 5 foot 9, he has average height and a slightly larger than average build. As he carefully takes in everything and everyone in a room, he might initially seem painfully shy. So when he finally speaks, his observations can […]

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