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AUDIO: Wrestling with The Wire

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Wrestling with The Wire

Last week Baltimore’s City Paper featured stories on The Wire, David Simon’s acclaimed TV series about Baltimore. Join our panel of guests as we use those features as a jumping off point to talk about the series and its representation of our city. With:

  • Lawrence Grandpre, Assistant Director of Research and Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and author of the City Paper article, Smile For the Camera: The representational limits of ‘The Wire;’
  • Dr. Lawrence Brown, public health consultant and Assistant Professor of Public Health in the School of Community Health and Policy at Morgan State University; 
  • Dr. Kate Drabinski, Lecturer of Gender and Women’s Studies and Director of theWomen Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL) Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), and author of the City Paperarticle Field Tripping: Biking ‘The Wire‘; and
  • Phillip Burgess, classically trained actor and Theatre Lecturer at Morgan State University who appeared in The Wire.

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