ACTION ALERT: Tell Baltimore City representatives to support strengthening the Civilian Review Board

Mayor Brandon Scott’s administration has taken a position against Civilian Oversight due to their opposition to HB 991 /SB 441.

SB 441 would give the existing Civilian Review Board (CRB) the powers and responsibilities of the Police Accountability Boards that each jurisdiction are required to establish due to the passage of the Police Accountability Act of 2021.

SB 441 would also give the CRB greater levels of independence to actually hold law enforcement accountable, along with the resources necessary to carry this out.

The Scott Administration has articulated a position that would create a Police Accountability Board, which would be duplicative of the existing CRB, with the intention of eventually dissolving the CRB.

While the CRB lacks the full powers that would constitute true community oversight, it does have limited investigatory power and the ability to formally weigh in on allegations of police misconduct.

If the administration decides to go along with their plan of eventually dissolving the CRB, these powers would lost, moving Baltimore in the opposite direction of community oversight.

Take Action Now

Email YOUR Baltimore City Senators and Delegates. 

Tell them to 

SUPPORT SB 441 / HB 991


We want to to KEEP the Baltimore Civilian Review Board and empower it with more resources to hold law enforcement accountable.

Example Email / Phone Script

Greetings Senator/Delegate
My name is John Doe and I am a registered voter and resident of your district.

I am urging you to support SB 441 / HB 991 because it is essential that we empower Baltimore's Civilian Review Board with the resources to be more effective. We do not need need to create a new entity. Baltimore already has a civilian review board to hold law enforcement accountable.

Thank you for your consideration.
- John

Baltimore City Senators and Delegates

District 40

Senator Antonio Hayes

(410) 841 3656

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Delegate Melissa Wells


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Delegate Marlon Amprey


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Delegate Frank Conaway Jr.


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District 41

Senator Jill Carter

(410) 841-3697

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Delegate Dalya Attar


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Delegate Tony Bridges


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Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg


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District 43

Senator Mary Washington

(410) 841-3145

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Delegate Maggie McIntosh


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Delegate Regina T. Boyce


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Delegate Curt Anderson


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District 44

Senator Charles Sydnor III

(410) 841-3612

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District 44A

Delegate Roxane Prettyman


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District 45

Senator Cory McCray

(410) 841-3165

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Delegate Chanel Branch


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Delegate Talmadge Branch


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Delegate Stephanie Smith


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District 46

Senator Bill Ferguson

(410) 841-3600

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Delegate Luke Clippinger


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Delegate Robbyn Lewis


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Delegate Brooke E. Lierman


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