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senator jill p carter sits behind a table wearing a black medical mask during the house judiciary meeting

ACTION ALERT: Demand the House Judiciary Committee amend HB 670 to include community oversight of law enforcement

On 2/19/2021, the JPR Committee in the Senate voted to REMOVE language that would give the community oversight of law enforcement in Maryland.

Senator Jeff Waldstreicher (D-18, Montgomery County) was the deciding vote.

Now we must turn our attention to the House Judiciary committee. We must pressure them to include this language so that we pass REAL police reform.

Urge the House Judiciary committee to AMEND HB 670 to include language that supports community oversight of law enforcement.

Luke Clippinger (Chairman) @LukeClippinger
Vanessa Atterbeary (Vice Chair) 
Curt @CurtAnderson43
J. Sandy @DelBartlett32
Jon S.
Frank M. Conaway,
Daniel L.
Robin L. Grammer,
Lesley J. @LesleyJLopez
Michael E. 
Susan K. 
David @DavidMoon2014
Emily @EmilyShetty
Brenda J. @bjthiam
Ron @RonForMaryland
Nicole A. @nwilliams23

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