Greetings Friends and Supporters

Each year brings its own challenges and opportunities. Thankfully I am surrounded by a team of passionate, leaders that have been able to take challenges head on and seize new opportunities. As we look to find ways to expand our capacity, I first want to thank our faithful Community Sustainers, folks that financially invest in our organization, our vision for Baltimore, on a monthly basis. It is these everyday folks that share a vision for Black Liberation that make our work so successful and essentially autonomous.

In 2018 we convened a coalition to jump start the creation of the Pennsylvania Black Arts & Entertainment, the first of its kind in Maryland. We successfully fought against the problematic crime bill presented in the General Assembly. We celebrated positive and powerful mainstream images of Black people by co-sponsoring a showing of “Black Panther” in February. During the 2018 Gubernatorial Primary, we released our first Legislative Report Card to document the track records of our state elected officials.

Leaders of a Beautiful is a political force that continues to be successful at holding public officials accountability and creating innovative ways to change the material conditions of Black people. The work is not easy but I believe Black liberation is obtainable when we have a collective focus on Black empowerment.

2019 will be another stepping stone towards our goal of collective Black empowerment. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you!

Thank you!

In Solidarity,

Adam J. Jackson
Chief Exective Officer
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle