Sep 02

Protest to Policy – Police Accountability in Maryland (2021)

Since the global marches and demonstrations against police brutality in 2020, there have been many conversations in the Maryland General Assembly about legislations to address policy brutality and accountability. For the past five years, LBS and many other organizations have been consistent voices in Annapolis concerning these issues. Civilian oversight is an essential component of […]

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Jul 08

AUDIO: Down the Rabbit Hole with Adam Jackson, hosted by @RobDaMc (7.8.2020)

In this episode we have in-depth conversation with Adam Jackson CEO of leaders of a beautiful struggle. Founded in 2010, LBS is Baltimore’s premier grassroots think-tank. They are a group of Baltimore residents dedicated to creating transformative public policy. There vision is to drastically improve the conditions of Black people in the Baltimore-Metropolitian Region. Is […]

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