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Jun 17

COMMENTARY: A Path to Reparations for the War on Drugs

By: Lawrence Grandpre | June 17. 2020 Imagine being stuck in jail in the middle of a global pandemic for selling something now considered an “essential product.” The racialized War on Drugs is making this scenario a reality in prisons and jails across America. With the rise of COVID-19, prisons now serve as petri dishes […]

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Jun 16

VIDEO: Moving from Protest to Policy after the nationwide demonstrations (6.16.2020)

Dayvon Love, Director of Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle responds to recent comments from Donald Trump in regards to law enforcement accountability. ————————— 6.16.20 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Trump signs executive order on policing; #DreasjonReed’s family files wrongful death suit against Indianapolis, IMPD; Another man has been found hanging in Houston; Anti-police brutality protests continue, […]

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Jun 10

The Colonization of “Radical Politics”

By: Dayvon Love Lately, there have been several national conversations about the presence of white people in the demonstrations that have emerged in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The mainstream media has referred to the presence of white people in these demonstrations as the cause for the property destruction and […]

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Jun 08

How do we move from protest to policy in #DefundingThePolice?

The rise in the prison population and police budgets are the policy outcomes of the Southern Strategy that was initiated by the Republicans in the late 1960’s through the War on Drugs. It was accelerated by the Democrats by the 1994 crime bill. A general observation that can be made by studying a variety of […]

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May 08

Maryland Democrats: You did this.

Public safety is a regular topic of conversation in Maryland, given the 5 consecutive years of 300+ murders in Baltimore City. There is broad based lip service to the notion that a wholistic approaches to dealing with violence in Baltimore is necessary. Given the emergence of empirical data and historical analysis of the policy implications […]

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