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Lawrence Grandpre is the Assistant Director for Research and Public Policy for LBS. He is a graduate of Baltimore City College High School where he was a recipient of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. His primary extra curricular focus on high school was debate, where he was Chesapeake Regional champion and 4 time qualifier for the National Championship tournament. He continued this focus on political scholarship at Whitman College in the state of Washington, where he was the recipient of the William O. Douglas Scholarship and the Maxey Award as top student in the politics department. He has worked at Towson University, coaching their debate team to 2nd in the nation in 2011 and is creative director for the "New Timbuktu" website and cell phone app, an upcoming LBS digital archive project.

Jan 08

CALL TO ACTION: Don’t Let Cops Write Your Reforms – Demand REAL Change in 2016

By Lawrence Grandpre | Uncategorized

Maryland’s Lawmakers Are About To Ask You to Help Them Co-Opt The Police Reform Movement.  Tell Them No Thanks!  The 2016 Maryland General Assembly is fast approaching.  We want to begin to give legislators the message that we want substantive police reform to pass during this year’s session. Very soon the “work group” consisting of member of […]

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Jun 22

VIDEO: “Black on Black Crime” Decoded

By Lawrence Grandpre | Op-Ed

Many people are having conversations about so called “Black on Black crime”, but the people most impacted by and involved with the problem are rarely at the center of the conversation, with elite academic and political “experts” marginalizing indigenous violence. Also, rarely is the context which produces these conditions analysed. LBS Baltimore thus presents an […]

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Jun 03

OP-ED – Smile for the Camera: The Representational Limits of ‘The Wire’

By Lawrence Grandpre | Op-Ed

Namond Brice, son of the infamous Barksdale hitter Wee-Bey Brice, is competing in a debate. The former corner boy now wears formal attire on stage hovering above three judges, all listening attentively to his impassioned pleas. His adopted father, former BPD major and certified member of the show’s exclusive clubs of “good Po-lease,” Howard “Bunny” […]

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