DevRock (Deverick Murray) is a Black man, father, husband, teacher, organizer, and artist committed to the upward mobility of the Black community.  As a successful high school and collegiate debater, DevRock was inspired by the Black Freedom Movement and the Civil Rights era in America.  He now finds himself deeply immersed in campaigns aimed to create positive transformational change for youth and Black people.  

As a Cultural Curator and the Minister of Culture for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, DevRock helped to establish the founding ethos of the organization as independent and focused on building power in oppressed communities.  His current artistic endeavors and collaborations position him to forward the social justice activism and political engagement efforts of the organization through art, hip hop, and music.  

His creative ingenuity has birthed several significant projects such as Freedom Sundays, BUILD Thursdays, and most recently The Foundation collaboration album.  The systemic barriers to success facing youth and the desperate need to improve the conditions of Black people have inspired his work as a grassroots organizer, hip hop and spoken word artist, and youth educator.  His objective is to use hip hop as a key political conscious-raising and community outreach tool for increasing access to economic resources for youth and families in Baltimore.